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Mobile App Development

Software Unlimited can create vaste, scalable apps for Android, Iphone and Windows. Enhancing easy to use frameworks, where modifications can be done without any pain.

A project was for an automotive customer where a mobile app was created to manage production registration and time tracking of employees. This application replaces  registration papers on the production floor. A previous program printed registration papers for each workorder with specific errors related to produced item. At the end of the shift, these papers are collected and the next day were inputted in a registration program. Registration results were only visible the next day.

With this app, there is an possibility for realtime tracking the results, email notifications and so on.

Mobile applications can be created for Android, Apple and Mobile Windows.

Scanner Development

Software Unlimited is an expert in creating scanning apps for business processes. The application has a context sensitive intellisense methodoly. As soon as the scanner knows which role the user is (superusers can choose) each scan will be analysed and the appropiate procedure will be triggered.