Software Unlimited

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Global ERP build by companies for companies

Software Unlimited is building a custom ERP system with companies for companies.

The goal of this global ERP system is to serve every company with his own business flows and procedures. This global ERP system will provide a flexible, non time consuming  implementation and easy data conversion.

New technologies are used like mobile development, web application development. The application can be run with smartphones, tablets or normal computers. Warehouse management can be done with a combination of standard GPS, images and location definitions. Watch your warehouse through the eyes of the warehouse keepers.

Have a user friendly interface, reducing time consuming conflicts. 

Have clear and self explanotary user forms. Watch your company performance in relation with the projected performance. Compare your buying with your calculated buying values. Consult the profit-loss account at any time.

If you want to see if the new ERP can fit in your company or if you have great ideas, feel free to contact us! All feedback is more than welcome!