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ERP Optimization

We have a great experience in ERP optimization. Our goal is to optimize business processes smoothly. 

A selection of accomplished projects:

  • financial
    • AP invoices, AR invoices
    • export data to BOB accounting (Sage software), export to Kluwers software in XML, DBF files
    • AP invoice matching 
    • AP freight invoice matching (union of shipments of two applications)
    • Consolidation
    • Data factoring (financial upload to bank institutions of open AR invoices)
    • Split itemcosts (recursive function to split labour, material and overhead cost based on BOM and Routings levels)
    • Purchase orders creating and approval (non standard items)
    • update Raw material costs based on FIFO Weighted Average
    • Custorder registration online/offline 
  • Logistics
    • Stockcount optimization
    • Adjust negative stock procedures on production floors
    • Automatic CustOrder matching in function with the shipping location (fast ship)
    • Automatic Items to vendor, outsourcing matching on shipping location
    • Edi VDA 4905,4903 and ASN's (double validation on cumulative qty's and last receipted packlist)
    • scanner application (loc to loc, stockcount, production issue lists, shipping issue lists, attach/detach boxes from pallets, inv adjust...)
    • Label printing maintenance
    • Expiration maintenance for purchased items
    • CMR Creation
    • View printed status of Purchase Orders
    • Realtime shipping overview webapplication
  • Production
    • Machine time efficiency application (in three companies) 
    • production registration with papers and input program
    • paperless production registration with android tablets
    • paperless production registration with handheld scanners
    • Qlikview production registration reports
    •  scanner application (Workorder completions by box or pallet, enditem scrap, start/stop labour, direct issue,tool issue, machine status,...)
    • Item config history
    • Material issue application (by shop order, moulding operations)
    • Material issue application (by consolidated shoporders, operations)
    • Material issues reverse calculation, parameter sheets / recipes
    • Machine/Tools maintenance and history, preventive maintenance
    • Item history webapplication

  • Quality
    • Complaint management (automotive standards)
      • Customer complaints (8d)
      • Supplier complaints
      • Non Conformity reports (Internal, Customer, Supplier)
      • Quality wall (100% check)
    • Purchased items cycle checks maintenance
    • production items cycle checks maintenance (by production receipt)
    • Quality reports
    • production items periodically checks (2X times a shift)
    • Defect reasons maintenance
    • Signature scanning and storing in database (showed on reports)
    • email notification setup and maintenance
    • Qlikview reports quality
    • Supplier performance maintenance
    • Scanner application (put to inspection, inspection results, Material Review board, scrap)
  • Interoperability between WHMS and ERP
    • Interface setup for data exchange between WHMS (DCI) and ERP (Catalyst) (2 companies 17000 transactions a day,12 transactions types)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Ordering Lunch program
    • User Management web application
    • Scanner translations web application


Machine Time Efficiency Application

Transport requests (Transport outside ERP system)

Preproduction Identification Labels

Labour Time/Efficiency Report 

Item HIstory Application

User Management Application

Scanner Translation Application

Ship App Dashboard