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Web applications

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What we do

Software Unlimited gets involved where other software developers stop. We produce highly demanding applications with quality assurance. 

Our domains are:

-Erp optimalisation: there is a great experience in Erp optimization. Our goal is to optimize existing businesses processes without pain. This involves working with existing databases ranging from db2 to oracle to mssql to mysql. With our special application development framework we can easily create new business procedures using data from the erp system.

-Business intelligence: we create various reports using different types of report engines or programming languages. This can be qlikview, sap business objects, a .net language, webapplications and more.

-Web applications: Software unlimited develop or modify existing webapplications. Software Unlimited uses a framework which generates programming code based on existing tables in the database. This could literally save weeks of programming and is still very flexible for modifications.

-Web design: we create honest, nononsense websites.

-Mobile app development: Software Unlimited can create vaste, scalable apps for Android, Iphone and Windows. Enhancing easy to use frameworks, where modifications can be easily done.