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Scanning/Logistics solutions

Wharehouse keeping and stock control is essential in a production environment. With our scanner solutions logistic control is fully automated and granny proof. For For example, creating shipments are easy to do, the scanner will tell you the ideal fifo based way to pick the stock. Our scanner solutions are context sensitive based, by just scanning a barcode, the scanner will tell the user what to do with the scan.

Scanner solutions include logistics,production, maintenance and quality control connected to existing ERP systems.


Realtime Machine Log App

The Machine Log App is a cheap and stable way to manage the status of production machines. Setters and technicians can change the status of machines with a handheld scanner or it can be connected directly to the machine. This data, together with other production related data, is in realtime shown in the Log App webpage. Through big screens on the production floors or on computers this information can be accessed by everyone. This product is used by a lot different departments in the company.

Realtime Scrap Control

Scrap control is one of the most important business procedures to reduce costs and meet quality standards. With this module operators can do workorder receipts (processed in the Erp system)  and give in the number of bad parts of each produced item by scanner. In this web page it is easily to follow up in realtime the progression of a single item or of a group of items or of all items. You can see the biggest scrap costs reasons and operators.

Realtime Labour Time Control

This application enables realtime labour control of employees in relation with workorders.

Shipping/Incoming PO Log App

Shipping is crucial in a company. This application monitors the progression of shipments and incoming PO's. This can be followed on big screens in warehouses or individual on computers.

Todo: put a screenshot of the scanner shipping procedure here

Supplier / Customer complaint management

Supplier and customer complaints are manageged with this webapplication. 

Supplier Evaluation

Item/Box/Pallet/Operator History

This module provides total traceability of items and operators.

Preproduction Identification Labels

Thishis module enables printing of labels outside the erp system, for example quality issues.

Transport Requests (Transports outside the ERP system)

Shipping of non production is made easy. Employees can request a shipment for items that are not going to be invoiced (tools, trial items, computers,...). These shipments can be easily matched with the freight invoices. 


Tooling overview

This app keeps track of which tooling engineers is creating/maintaining which tools.

Maintenance reporting

This application gives a clear overview of the history and open requests of tools within the company.


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